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Accessible Three Android Phone Review

DNP - The development of open source operating system Google's latest is quite rapid. This is evidenced by the many gadgets on the market that already carry the Android. Most use a touch screen as a medium of communication between users and devices, and few are taking a physical keyboard like a champ on its flagship embedded RIM Blackberry.

This certainly limited the space for the visually impaired when they want to buy a Android device, the article they need a physical keyboard to operate it, at least there are navigation buttons to move the menus or options on these devices.

However, because of the open source nature of Android makes developers able to develop applications with a minimal fee, including applications for the visually impaired are now widely available in Market.

If calculated, the visually impaired can get the gadget accessible at lower costs, because if adept, blind enough to buy gadgets and install Android applications support is provided free of charge.

It also paid applications available that cost around 850 thousand, but it is still far cheaper when compared with similar applications for Symbian or Windows Mobile platform that can cost three times as much.

Well, that's what encourages writers walk into a store and buy three gadgets Android phone for review, so that blind people who want to try the pleasure of Android is not confused when choosing the gadgets in the store.

Then, what the authors consideration in choosing the appropriate gadgets for the visually impaired Android Indonesia?

1. Acer beTouch E210

Gadget made by Acer is still relatively new, so the supply is still quite rare. However, the author was lucky because it managed to get through the buying and selling in the forum Kaskus.

If reading the reviews circulating on the internet, indeed most of the reviewers complained about the all-round display as well as the resolution is minimal. But because this gadget will use the visually impaired, then we leave out just about the visuals!

Plus the value of beTouch Acer E210 is located at a relatively cheap price. With the money of 1.3 million users are already able to bring home the Android devices to animate Froyo heart (processor-red) are beating in the range of 600MHz.

In addition, the device with a design similar to the Blackberry has a QWERTY keyboard is quite soft and comfortable to use, and candybar style allows the keyboard to be positioned loosely so that the fingers do not coincide when typing.

Acer beTouch E210 interface is also still use the default stock Froyo, so the guaranteed level of accessibility. Live help install applications for the visually impaired, and gadgets were ready to use.

The downside? If you look at the price offered is likely you will not ask again. Yes, quite minimalist hardware specifications that make the operation seem a little slow. So need a little patience to operate this gadget, because visually impaired assistive applications such as screen readers sometimes "cough" due to lack of memory support.

The author also does not recommend this gadget for blind people who want to make it as a multimedia player, because the sound quality is quite standard, and the base sounds less "kick." So, arguably his voice sounds asbun alias origin.

2. Samsung Galaxy 551

If blind people want to try out gadgets Android middle-end, the authors suggest to choose this gadget. With 1.9 million price range, visual impairment can have a phone with a slide QWERTY style, ideal for those who are less likely to form the width of mobile phones that often eating places.

Personally, I liked the design of this gadget, as it is quite slim and can be incorporated into the garment bag. The design of this kind are rarely owned QWERTY phones, it's just a bit inconvenient when I have to do the slide to remove the keyboard.

Although these gadgets wrapped TouchWiz UI, but still quite accessible for the visually impaired. Overwriting it with the home screen-free Shell Eyes which is available free on the Market.

Offal is also quite capable phones. When the co-author of Angry Birds borrowed to play the RIO, the phone is still able to operate properly, even though the screen reader enough to eat a lot of memory remains active.

Unfortunately, the QWERTY keys are available are less prominent so hard to be touched, and its size is too small and the location is jostling to make the operation a little difficult.

Oh yes, because the location of the speakers at the bottom of the phone, then when typing, try to position your fingers - that sustains the phone - rather to the middle so as not to cover the speakers.

3. Samsung Galaxy Pro

Well, this could be an option with visual impairments who like the Blackberry-style QWERTY-style phone. With a slightly higher specification than the Samsung Galaxy 551, the blind can experience a perfect air-Android.

If blind people want to try the touch screen facility, this phone's screen can accommodate those needs well. Because of the width, visual impairment can freely play his fingers on the screen, including the writer who enjoyed this operation with the help of a virtual keyboard.

Its own QWERTY keyboard is very comfortable to use, because the size large, very prominent, and soft when pressed. If may be compared, a QWERTY keyboard that carried Galaxy Pro is able to defeat two gadgets at the top.

The weakness that the authors have encountered lies in the quality of his voice is too loud, so a little less comfortable in the ear. In addition, the price is still relatively high - around 2.4 million - make the phone was in the final sequence when buying consideration is the money factor.


Gadget Android is a platform that offers a new experience for the visually impaired who want to enjoy and take advantage of communications technology. Only, as it is still new and still under development, the level of accessibility can not be said to be perfect, and can not be equated with the level of accessibility offered by Symbian or IOS.

To that end, the author appeals to the practitioners of the visually impaired as well as Android Indonesia Indonesia to continue to experiment and practice with reference to the guide accessible Android gadget that has been widely circulated on the Internet, or use a reference of the authors who have written in Indonesian language.

About what is needed (application-red) can refer to the previous article writers who are also displayed ITGazine.

Well, if you want to see how the Android phone is operated by the visually impaired, please watch the following youtube video. The author tried to demonstrate the use of Galaxy 551, hoping to be a description for the visually impaired who want to try it.


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